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From Benjamin Mestrallet <benjamin.mestral...@exoplatform.com>
Subject WebDAV exploration suites
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 11:42:44 GMT
So I continue my exploration of the webDAV module and especiallly the  
3 jar artifacts

* jcr-webdav
* jcr-client
* jcr-server

and the war one:

* jackrabbit-server

We already talked about the first artifact jcr-webdav which depends  
on jackrabbit impl. A jcr-helpers.jar would resolve that dependency.

Then there is the jcr-client which contains 2 packages:
org.apache.jackrabbit.client and  
In the second package there are also some dependencies that  
references the jackrabbit impl. the common package would solve them.
In the first package there is a servlet called  
RepositoryAccessServlet which also references some impl classes but  
also the RMI jar which makes the client jar dependent on the RMI one  
even if you for example want to run webdav with no RMI. As a side  
note the jcr-rmi.jar has no depenceny on the impl and can be used as  
it :).
So the RepositoryAccessServlet is used to lookup the repository  
either through JNDI or RMI but it also add some methods like login or  
credential lookup...IMO the servlet should not be in the client jar  
(and only located in the webapp)

The jcr-server also contains several servlets, the first one being  
RepositoryStartupServlet. IMO that servlet should not be there  
especially that it is responsible to instantiate the Repository like  
in the following method:
     protected Repository createRepository(InputSource is, File homedir)
             throws RepositoryException {
         RepositoryConfig config = RepositoryConfig.create(is,  
         return RepositoryImpl.create(config);

Which makes it completely dependent on jackrabbit. More over it is  
dependent of the core impl and on the RMI. Also the init parameters  
are clearly made for jackrabbit:

     /** initial param name for the repository config location */
     public final static String INIT_PARAM_REPOSITORY_CONFIG =  

     /** initial param name for the repository home directory */
     public final static String INIT_PARAM_REPOSITORY_HOME =  

     /** initial param name for the repository name */
     public final static String INIT_PARAM_REPOSITORY_NAME =  

     /** initial param name for the rmi port */
     public final static String INIT_PARAM_RMI_PORT = "rmi-port";

Then you have 2 other servlets one for a simple webDAV implementation  
and one for a more complex one (btw should the 2 implementation place  
in the same artifact?). One servlet is named JCRWebdavServerServlet  
which uses the servlet located in the client (which makes the server  
dependent of the client btw...) to lookup the repository using the  
following code:

     Repository repository = RepositoryAccessServlet.getRepository();

This should be replaced by a factory call to acquire an object that  
implement an interface that will allow to lookup the repository. The  
implementation can be defined in the servlet code to be located in  
the webapp war.

Once again IMO only the AbstractWebdavsServlet should be in the jcr- 

Note that is just comments and no complains, my goal is to make it  
work with our implementation :)

What do you think of that raw thoughts


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