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From Miro Walker <miro.wal...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: JSR-170 clarification - workspaces, branching, etc.
Date Sun, 29 May 2005 22:00:51 GMT

Thanks very much for your reply. It sounds like I'm not too far off
track in my understanding... Couple of follow-up questions below:

> > It seems like quite a lot would depend on
> > the efficiency of some of these operations (in particular, merge, as
> > it would need to be called every time a branched content set needed to
> > be viewed).
> really? i don't really see that.
> for example, let's say you have a release 1.0 and a
> release 2.0 of a piece of software in your repository then i
> would probably assume a workspace per "release".
> in my mind the merge() would only be called if a developer
> patches release 1.0 and would also need to apply it to release
> 2.0 on node that already experienced a check-in for 2.0?
> in my mind that should not happen to frequently. please
> apologize if i misunderstood your comment...

So, if I understand correctly, without a merge being called, any
patches made to the 1.0 worspace copy of a class (node) that had _not_
been checked-in in the 2.0 workspace would not appear in the 2.0
workspace...? This is what it appears to imply, as the base version of
the node in question would be older in the 2.0 workspace than it would
be in the 1.0 workspace, and only after merging would the 2.0
workspace reflect the patch made in the 1.0 workspace. If that's
correct, then it would appear the only way to tell by looking at the
2.0 workspace if a patch had been applied in the 1.0 workspace would
be by calling merge()...?

> i don't know whether in anger or not ;), but jackrabbit certainly
> implements all of the features and an example of
> a version graph can be found here:
> http://jsr170tools.day.com/crx/ui/versionbrowse.jsp?Path=/math.xml[3]
> for manipulations you will have to login (admin/admin) here:
> http://jsr170tools.day.com/crx/login.jsp

Great - I'll have a look.

> personally, i think that the "content explorer" usually helps quite bit
> to wrap your head around the spec.

Content Explorer? I haven't found this - where is this? I couldn't see
anything like this in the contrib directories... or am I being blind?

Thanks again,


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