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From Tobias Strasser <tobias.stras...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: WebDAV exploration suites
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 12:25:40 GMT
you are completely right about mentioning this 'mess'. we wanted to
contribute the stuff as soon possible, and we did not want to create a
zillion of artifacts. additionally, we wanted to provide a easy
deployment through a .war that contains the necessary servlets to
start a server without registering it via jca or similar.

> We already talked about the first artifact jcr-webdav which depends
> on jackrabbit impl. A jcr-helpers.jar would resolve that dependency.

> Then there is the jcr-client which contains 2 packages:
> org.apache.jackrabbit.client and
> org.apache.jackrabbit.webdav.client.methods
> In the second package there are also some dependencies that
> references the jackrabbit impl. the common package would solve them.

> In the first package there is a servlet called
> RepositoryAccessServlet which also references some impl classes but
> also the RMI jar which makes the client jar dependent on the RMI one
> even if you for example want to run webdav with no RMI. 
well, not quite true. it has a compile-time dependency on the rmi but
not a runtime one.
so you can use the servlet without having the jcr-rmi.jar in the classpath

> As a side
> note the jcr-rmi.jar has no depenceny on the impl and can be used as
> it :).
> So the RepositoryAccessServlet is used to lookup the repository
> either through JNDI or RMI but it also add some methods like login or
> credential lookup...IMO the servlet should not be in the client jar
> (and only located in the webapp)
..or a jackrabbit-j2ee.jar or similar

> The jcr-server also contains several servlets, the first one being
> RepositoryStartupServlet. IMO that servlet should not be there
> especially that it is responsible to instantiate the Repository like
> in the following method:
>      protected Repository createRepository(InputSource is, File homedir)
>              throws RepositoryException {
>          RepositoryConfig config = RepositoryConfig.create(is,
> homedir.getAbsolutePath());
>          return RepositoryImpl.create(config);
>      }
> Which makes it completely dependent on jackrabbit. More over it is
> dependent of the core impl and on the RMI. Also the init parameters
> are clearly made for jackrabbit:
>      /** initial param name for the repository config location */
>      public final static String INIT_PARAM_REPOSITORY_CONFIG =
> "repository-config";
>      /** initial param name for the repository home directory */
>      public final static String INIT_PARAM_REPOSITORY_HOME =
> "repository-home";
>      /** initial param name for the repository name */
>      public final static String INIT_PARAM_REPOSITORY_NAME =
> "repository-name";
>      /** initial param name for the rmi port */
>      public final static String INIT_PARAM_RMI_PORT = "rmi-port";
right. this could also go into the jackrabbit-j2ee.jar

> Then you have 2 other servlets one for a simple webDAV implementation
> and one for a more complex one (btw should the 2 implementation place
> in the same artifact?). One servlet is named JCRWebdavServerServlet
> which uses the servlet located in the client (which makes the server
> dependent of the client btw...) to lookup the repository using the
> following code:
>      Repository repository = RepositoryAccessServlet.getRepository();
> This should be replaced by a factory call to acquire an object that
> implement an interface that will allow to lookup the repository. The
> implementation can be defined in the servlet code to be located in
> the webapp war.
of course.

> Once again IMO only the AbstractWebdavsServlet should be in the jcr-
> server.
> Note that is just comments and no complains, my goal is to make it
> work with our implementation :)
> What do you think of that raw thoughts

so we would need:
- a commons-jcr.jar that contains helpers that just depend on jcr.
- a commons-jackrabbit.jar that contains helpers for jackrabbit,
  for example the RepositoryStartup- and RepositoryAccessServlets
- define a couple of factories/interfaces primary for acquiring the repository
  and providing the credentials.

what do you think?
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