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From Felix Meschberger <Felix.Meschber...@day.com>
Subject Re: common libraries for jcr and jackrabbit
Date Thu, 19 May 2005 10:04:33 GMT

Tobias Strasser schrieb:

>as discussed in other threads, there is a need for commons or helper
>libraries, containing either JCR related or Jackrabbit related stuff.
>for example most of the Value stuff could now be swaped out to a
>common jcr helpers lib. further some escaping, formatting and
>serializing stuff. The problem is that a lot of those depend on
>internal jackrabbit classes like QName, Path and UUID. so those would
>also need to go into the common jackrabbit lib.
I would think so. I would greatly appreciate if some more classes would 
be provided there. For example the ISO8601 class, which additionally 
might implement the Format interface or even DateFormat abstract class.

>or we should start thinking of a jackrabbit-api. that would contain
>also those classes.
>- what is the general feeling about this?
I see no reason for a Jackrabbit API except perhaps regarding the 
NodeType Management stuff, which would be nice if it would be available 
in a way that for example the RMI layer could also provide those without 
relying on core Jackrabbit.

I providing common API, great care should be taken to create separate 
libraries for UI (e.g. Servlets) and non-UI (e.g. Path, QName) stuff.

>- what would be the names of those libs; is commons-jcr allowed, or is
>this reserved to jakarta projects?
>- is it ok for jackrabbit core to depend on commons-jackrabbit and commons-jcr ?
I would definitely say so, otherwise the hole point of reusing common 
classes would be void.


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