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From Sean Radford <sradf...@bladesystems.co.uk>
Subject JDBC PersistenceManager
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 10:14:28 GMT

I seem to remeber a message on the list a few weeks back about a JDBC 
PersistenceManager. Anyone know anything about it?

I know about the HibernatePersistenceManager, but that is not JTA aware 
and each 'node action' runs in its own Transaction - and if you make it 
JTA aware (as I have done) you still must use REQUIRES_NEW else you run 
into duplicate persistent objects with hibernate.

I *may* have some time next week to play with a JDBC version, so thought 
I should ask what (if anything) had been done so far.



Dr. Sean Radford, MBBS, MSc

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