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From "Elliot Metsger" <emets...@jhu.edu>
Subject Re: UUIDs, URIs, handles and so forth
Date Sat, 09 Apr 2005 17:30:26 GMT
And to follow up on this question, what if you import content into a JCR
repository that already has a globally unique id such as a DOI?  Or what
if there were content that had two identifiers from two different naming

One idea being explored at Johns Hopkins is having all these different
repository implementations (dspace, fedora etc) talk to each other and
exchange content; the idea being the service accessing the content won't
need to know or care what type of content repository the data comes
from.  There will definitly be a need to map identifiers across diverse
systems.  I'm wondering what may help facilitate this in JCR?


>>> stefano@apache.org 04/09/05 12:23 PM >>>

Sure it's easy to add a property 'handle' to a node and model it that 
way, but it would be way more elegant (and more future proof, since I'm 
already thinking about exporting that content as RDF, were the URIs are 
king) if it was possible for JCR to allow *you* to pick the UUID for the


So, my question is: is it possible to specify the node UUID externally? 
(as long as local unicity is guaranteed, obviously)


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