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From Ben Pickering <benpicker...@gmail.com>
Subject Getting "custom" objects from the repository?
Date Sun, 17 Apr 2005 22:26:54 GMT
[fwding as I think I missed jackrabbit-dev with this]


> i think mapping of content to pojo's is not something that should
> be covered in the jcr-spec at this point. much like the
> ejb (or jdo) and jdbc specs are separate for good reasons i
> believe this should be the same for jcr.

I agree 100% with you.  Perhaps I was misleading when I spoke about
'standardising'.  I meant perhaps a related 'best practice' more than
anything formal.

> i think it could get very interesting assuming hierarchies of
> child nodes and inheritance of nodetypes.
> does that make sense? this could be the start of a
> poor-man's object-repository-mapping.

The basics are pretty clear, yes.  The idea of hierarchies of child
nodes is the interesting bit  and where I came in, really, with the
thread about importing XML text to node hierarchies.  I'm happy to be
a poor man if I don't have to write all that complex stuff Daniel
wants :)  I'm sure Day has it in the labs anyway, heh?

> no, i think this is all very reasonable, and i think that if something
> like the above is what you are looking for, then this should be
> implemented reasonably fast. would that be something that
> you are interested in working on?

Well, I only checked out jackrabbit the other day, but I do intend to
take a look when I have the time.  I guess it's all changed by now :)

Glad I could finally be clear enough to explain what I was getting at.



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