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From Ben Pickering <benpicker...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Getting "custom" objects from the repository?
Date Sun, 17 Apr 2005 18:58:54 GMT
> sounds like we have with daniel and ben two volunteers to
> implement a general purpose, scalable, distributed, transactional
> cache with low network overhead as part of jackrabbit.

Um, I'm not talking about anything like this...  I'm not even talking
about adding any features to Jackrabbit or JCR or anything.  All I'm
asking is, given that the majority of uses of content are likely to be
more complex than just setValue()-getValue(), is there any scope for a
pattern *on the client* (and *only* on the client, no caching, nothing
special going over the connection, and using only the JCR API) that
the expert group had in mind.  (Maybe the answer's 'no'?)

Please don't think I underestimate (or even claim to have a broad
knowledge of) the JCR use cases!  All I'm asking is, how do I write a
program that talks to a repository where I can say
Image.getColorDepth() rather than having to know the name of the
property.  Not hard...  I don't have astronomical aspirations here... 
As I say in another thread, it's the APIs and only these that bother
me, as someone who's going to have to work with JCR client libraries.

Remember, *only the client*!  I'm a lazy client-side programmer -- how
is my experience of working with a repository made easier?  Maybe I'm
being a bit blue-sky here.


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