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From Stefan Guggisberg <stefan.guggisb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: cluster and cache question
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2005 11:20:47 GMT
hi edgar,

> > regarding clustering:
> > clustering is a very interesting topic and we had quite a few discussions
> > on how it could be supported in jackrabbit.
> is there an archive of this?

unfortunately not, those have been only verbal discussions during 
coffe breaks so far.

>  > clustering can IMO not be
> > entirely delegated to the PM. it has to be tackled on a higher level.
> > the sticking point is how to synchronize the multiple jackrabbit instances
> > in a cluster.
> >
> Have you seen the oscache approach for clustering? it seems interesting.

i didn't know oscache before, it looks interesting. thanks for the pointer.

> I'm just thinking out loud, Local and Shared ItemStateManagers could
> favor composition over inheritance. The current ItemStateCache
> implementation is a good fit for the first, and an oscache like approach
> could be a good choice for the latter in a clustering scenario.
> Maybe this could be a deployment decision, with a "shared-cache" tag in
> the config file that leaves to the deployer the cache strategy selection
> for shared ItemStates.
> A pluggable cache for shared item states would also be useful for
> network deployments with or without clustering. Those who chose a rdbms
> backend would be able to to use a cache that relies also in the local
> filesystem, and not only in mem.

as you might have noticed i am not a huge fan of 'pluggable' core components ;)
but i agree with you that tackling clustering on the shared ItemState
cache level
would be certainly worth thinking about more.

but as i said, i think it's a bit too early to address something as complex and
advanced as clustering at this stage.

> Sorry for being such a pain, I'm becoming a jackrabbit fun and I'd like
> to use it on any project I get involved.

great to hear that! ...and don't worry about being a pain ;) 
your feedback and your suggestions, although we might not always 
be sharing the same position, are very much appreciated.
at the very least it forces us to explain and justify design decisions
that we've taken. on the other hand it might also lead us to 
reconsider certain designs.


> thanks
> edgar

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