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From Tobias Strasser <tobias.stras...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: webdav configuration api
Date Sat, 09 Apr 2005 16:45:31 GMT
> I don't see how common chain would help in the import/export task :(.
> AFAIK chain is used to run a sequence of commands but in this case only
> one command should handle each request, there's no complex processing
> flows. It would be useful for performing custom operations before and
> after import/export but I don't see it as a common requirement. Am I
> missing something?

well, the webdav server needs some mechanism to create jcr-items from
a webdav resource, and vice versa. the most generic way is to create a
nt:file + nt:resource for a non-collection resource and a nt:folder
for a collection. an example for a more sophisticated import is
deserializing a XML file, thus allowing other applications to search
and manipulate the desrialized XML in the repository. another example
is to extract more information from a imported resource, eg: ID3 tags
from a mp3-file, format, colorspace, dimensions from a image etc.
we need a plugable mechanism for import/export. we thought of a chain
of handlers, that sequencly are asked to perform the respective import
or export operation. instead of building an own implementation of such
a framework, commons-chain seems to be a good alternative. i made
first steps in implementing those handlers using commons-chain, and it
seems worth to follow this path. imo, one chaining-framework is as
good as something else. if jakarta provides such a framework it makes
sense to use this one.

the need for configurable, plugable import/export handlers is
undoubted. as first step, we will provide those handles, using
commons-chain. but if it shows, that there is a better alternative, i
think we can easily switch to something else.

cheers, tobi

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