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From Julien Viet <jul...@jboss.com>
Subject Re: Getting "custom" objects from the repository?
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2005 13:58:11 GMT
invalidate the cache :

- time based invalidation, you say that an entry is valid for 1 minute 
for instance
- notification, you can use JCR observations mechanism to remove entries 
from the cache


Daniel Dekany wrote:

>I suppose most applications want to work with objects like mycms.User,
>mycms.PageTemplate, myapp.Book, etc., rather than directly with the tree
>of items that JCR shows. I don't see what's the intended way of doing
>this. With a concrete example: I would like to store page templates in
>the repository, which are complex and frequently used objects, so they
>shouldn't be recreated from a binary property (or from string string
>property, whatever) every time they are read from the repository (that
>is, for each page hits). I could use cache in front of JCR that caches
>the template objects, but how to ensue that the cache is in sync with
>the repository? Of course no hazards and unpredictable delays are
>allowed after the repository was modified.
>What's the planned way of doing things like this?
>(I know this is not a Jackrabbit but a JCR question and I apologize for
>that, but I didn't found a more suitable public list.)

Julien Viet
JBoss Portal Lead Developer

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