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From Felix Röthenbacher <felix.roethenbac...@wyona.com>
Subject Re: Transaction and locks
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 13:22:28 GMT
David Nuescheler wrote:
>>I wonder what happens with locks aquired in the course of
>>executing a transaction when the transaction is commited
>>or rolled back. Is it the responsibility of the application
>>to release the locks or will the repository take care of this?
> how about chapter "8.5.10 Locks and Transactions" in the spec ;)

If I understand "8.5.10 Locks and Transactions" right, locking
can never be part of a global transaction where prior successful
locking is required for a successful commit.

A scenario where the lock can't be obtained (e.g. timeout) and
the whole global transaction should be rolled back would not be
possible if the locking is part of a separate transaction.
Using nested transactions is afaik no alternative because
transactional resources are not required to support nested
transactions. What is best practices with global transactions
and jackrabbit?



> regards,
> david

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