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From Brian Moseley <...@osafoundation.org>
Subject WebDAV properties
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2005 00:16:19 GMT
Angela Schreiber wrote:

>>>proppatch not implemented in the simple-server.
>>>limited proppatch with the jcr-server (see docu)

so i read section 2.4 of the JCR WebDAV doc, but i think i'm more
confused than when i started :)

can you explain why WebdavServlet doesn't implement PROPPATCH?

i tried to PROPGET some of the JCR properties listed in section 2.3.6 of
the doc, like jcr:name, but i got 404s for them. looking through the
code, it looks like DavResourceImpl only sets the standard set of DAV:
properties but none of the JCR ones. is that true, or did i miss something?

is it true that i cannot PROPPATCH to set an arbitrary property on any
resource and then PROPGET it right back?

is this simply because the implementation is not complete, or do you not
plan to support PROPPATCH in general? how would you otherwise implement
remote JCR property setting?

lack of PROPPATCH (and a design that precludes me from adding it myself)
would be a definite dealbreaker for me using jackrabbit for my WebDAV
server, and that would suck, cos i really like jackrabbit. so i hope i'm
just misunderstanding something, which is often the case :)

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