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From Jukka Zitting ...@yukatan.fi>
Subject Node type differences between Jackrabbit and JSR 170
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 10:46:44 GMT

I just committed (rev. 159677) another part of my ongoing JDOM to 
standard DOM conversion process (JCR-54). Instead of replacing JDOM code 
with equivalent DOM code, the committed change actually removes all XML 
handling from PredefinedNodeTypeTest (see the commit message for details).

As a part of this rewrite, I detected the following differences between 
Jackrabbit node types and the ones specified by JSR 170:

mix:versionable/jcr:baseVersion/AutoCreate = false, should be true
mix:versionable/jcr:baseVersion/Mandatory = false, should be true
mix:versionable/jcr:isCheckedOut/Mandatory = false, should be true
mix:versionable/jcr:predecessors/Mandatory = false, should be true
mix:versionable/jcr:versionHistory/Mandatory = false, should be true
nt:version/jcr:frozenNode/SameNameSibs = false, should be true
nt:frozenNode/jcr:frozenMixinTypes/RequiredType = NAME, should be STRING
nt:frozenNode/jcr:frozenPrimaryType/RequiredType = NAME, should be STRING
nt:resource/jcr:mimetype/Name = jcr:mimeType, should be jcr:mimetype

The Mandatory flags in mix:versionable have been tagged with the FIXME 
message "currently set to non-mandatory as workaround for initialization 
issue" but I could not find justification for the other differences.

The nt:frozenNode definition seems to be better in Jackrabbit than in 
JSR 170, perhaps the definition should be fixed in the spec?

I was thinking about creating Jira issues of these differences, but 
didn't do so, as they already cause unit test failures. :-)


Jukka Zitting

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