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From Daniel Dekany <ddek...@freemail.hu>
Subject Re: Getting "custom" objects from the repository?
Date Sun, 17 Apr 2005 12:22:49 GMT
Sunday, April 17, 2005, 11:49:53 AM, Christophe Lombart wrote:

> Correct ! We want to start this kind of Object-JCR mapping in Graffito.
> Of course, the default implementation is based on Jackrabbit. We have
> started a subproject which can be run outside Graffito (in any other
> CMS framework/application). It is still under dev but you are welcome
> to join us to discuss about that
> (http://incubator.apache.org/graffito/). Please consider the code as a
> proposal and it will be changed ASAP.
> Just some other words to clarrify Graffito goals : 
> 1. Provide a object mapping on the different repository technologies
> (now mainly for  JCR :-) )

May I ask here on the list (because of the topic of the thread):

To what object will it map the content stored in the repository? Like,
beans, Map-s?

And most importantly: when will it create those object? Like, every time
a query has issued?

Best regards,
 Daniel Dekany

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