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From David Nuescheler <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: WebDAV/CalDAV and remote content stores
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 22:54:11 GMT
> > personally i would be very interested in porting some of
> > the datamodel behind calendaring to nodetypes.
> > like the vcalendar, vevent and so forth.
> what are your specific thoughts in this regard? do you
> imagine "promoting" iCalendar properties to node properties
> and storing the iCalendar body as a data property? if so,
> what would happen when somebody uses WebDAV to change one of
> these properties? would you rebuild the iCalendar body using
> the new value?
well, actually i would not store the iCalendar body as a data property,
but "simulate" an iCalendar file serialization in the webdav layer.
once somebody PUTs any iCalendar file i would automatically 
deserialize it into the iCalendar properties.
does that make sense?

> > i think this
> > would be very helpful to get calendaring interoperable.
> > i believe that storing calendar information in a
> > content repository is the right way to go.
> > serialization/deserialization to and from icalendar and
> > icalendar-xml should be straight forward.
> > i think the above should be undoubted.
> i don't doubt it ;)
thought so ;)

> > once that is done we will have a generic way to
> > bi-directionally access calendaring information
> > through webdav.
> > if someone feels compelled to then implement
> > MKCALENDAR and the rest of CalDAV i think it
> > should not be a lot of effort.
> that is the approach that i have been homing in on, yes.
cool, do you have already have an idea about the 
structure of the iCalendar nodetype(s)?


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