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From David Nuescheler <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Out of incubation?
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2005 00:37:13 GMT
> 1) is it fully JSR-170 compliant at this moment? Or are there still
> some missing issues that should be addressed?
locking is still missing and i hope we will have it soon. 
but that's it i think.

> 2) I read about the potential "Windows File System" problem that could
> lack performance. But when I would deploy it on a Unix system, would
> it be performant enough? Or stable enough?
performancewise.... what do you need? i think it would be a good 
start if you could share a little bit about the nodetypes that you are 
looking at and how many instances of those you are expecting 
something in the form of:
2-3k nt:folder
110k nt:file
100k nt:resource
10k media:mp3track extends nt:resource + 20 string props
110k mix:versionable
binary content 10gb

i think information like that could also help you with the 
sizing of your infrastructure.

since jackrabbit is built to "read fast", i would argue that the 
reading should probably not be an issue. 

do you expect a lot of searches?

all in all i can say that our performance tests with 
jackrabbit at this point have been surprisingly good. 
the windows fs discussion is pretty much irrelevant if 
you use cqfs or any of the other persistence managers.

stability is hard to quantify. i found jackrabbit very 
reliable so far, considering the status of the project.


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