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From David Nuescheler <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: JCR-based wiki or weblog?
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 20:58:08 GMT
> would like to see such applications as a piece of jackrabbit to bring
> jsr-170 beyond a repository-api? 
i don't think applications like that belong into jackrabbit.
[of course i do not see a direct impact to the jsr-170 api at all]
maybe the contrib directory could be a temporary platform
for distribution for certain general purpose apps, maybe not 
even that.
but i think that a stand-alone application should wherever possible 
avoid dependencies to other content applications. 

> If so, do you really think it makes
> sense to write complex applications such as a digital asset management
> on top of jsr-170
absolutely. i think that a stand-alone dam is a fantastic jsr-170
application that leverages a lot of the jsr-170 services, as mentioned 
above, if it is possible to avoid other dependencies, my advice would 
be to do that. this is what makes an application truely portable.

> I thought jsr-170 should give us the possibility to use a standardized
> and exchangeable way to access content repositories and let the
> "market" rule on applications?
exactly. that's why a big heap of dependant applications that 
cannot be separated from each other contradicts that mantra.
of course there are frameworks (cocoon, struts, spring or a cms) 
that help to build apps faster and better, they have their usual 
justifications but add dependencies.

> Please advise me if i see things wrong! Or explain me the focus of
> Jackrabbit and jsr-170 beyond 1.0
i see jackrabbit as full-fledged content repository infrastructure, 
jsr-170 beyond v1.0 as the general purpose content repository api.

i personally, think that much like the httpd project has "modules"
the jackrabbit could host general purpose content repository 
"helpers or tools" as contribs like: jcr-rmi, webdav servers, 
nodetype administration, content packaging, taglibs, samples, 
i think the discussion if something should be part of jackrabbit 
or not will be a case by case discussion amongst the 
jackrabbit team, but i don't see it as the charter 
of jackrabbit to become a hub for jsr-170 apps at all.


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