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From Tobias Strasser <tobias.stras...@gmail.com>
Subject jackrabbit server
Date Sun, 06 Mar 2005 14:36:06 GMT
as you might have noticed i have just committed a large chunk of code
to the jackrabbit/contrib. this is an implementation of a webdav based
jsr170 server protocol. the intention is to have a java indepented
protocol for jsr170 compliant applications (for example a jsr170 PHP
application connecting via webdav to a jackrabbit repository).
it consists of the following parts:
           server -> generates jcr-server-xxx.jar
           client -> generates jcr-client-xxx.jar
           webdav -> generates jcr-webdav-xxx.jar
           webapp -> generates jackrabbit-server.war

the jcr-server.jar contains:
- the server code
- RepositoryStartupServlet (easily start a jackrabbit-repository in
your webapp if not feasible in appserver)
- the simple WebdavServlet that serves a simple webdav view of the repository
- the JCRWebdavServerServlet that serves the JCRServer

the jcr-client.jar contains:
- the RepositoryAccessServlet that enables easy configuration and
access to a repository (see web.xml in war to see posibilities)
- the client code (not existent yet)

the jcr-webdav.jar contains:
- a common webdav library used by the client and server.

the jackrabbit-server.war contains:
- sample configuration for easy deployment of server/servlets mentioned above
- all necessary libs
- index.jsp

a first draft of the documentation of the protocol can be downloaded here:

all code has been contributed by angela schreiber. she is now
developing the client part of it and hopfuly be able to provide that
chunk in the near future aswell. thanks angela!

cheers, tobi
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