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From "Simon Gash" <Simon.G...@gossinteractive.com>
Subject RE: Javadocs (Was: Re: Adivce about session)
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 16:35:28 GMT
I know its tough on you guys, and you've done incredibly well with a
shifting target. However, if a committer should fancy adding a comment
as he passes over the code then I would encourage him to go for it, I
know I'll read and appreciate it.

I was just trying to encourage Juka who was tempted to add some
documentation as he goes. I'm not in anyway suggesting that you should
stop what you are doing and start documenting everything now. I'm quite
happy to wait for the glossy brochure once the JSR170 is agreed ;) 

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From: Stefan Guggisberg [mailto:stefan.guggisberg@gmail.com] 
Sent: 17 March 2005 16:20
To: jackrabbit-dev@incubator.apache.org
Subject: Re: Javadocs (Was: Re: Adivce about session)

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 16:07:17 -0000, Simon Gash
<Simon.Gash@gossinteractive.com> wrote:
> I just had a look at the package.htm stuff mmmmmm, I know I can't be 
> too critical (you haven't seen any of my code) but any documentation 
> would be really, really useful. I've always used the JSR170 as the 
> jackrabbit manual but descriptions in code  can accelerate a 
> developers understanding of the code enormously. This in turn should 
> enable the non-committers to open up a much better dialogue with you

absolutely agreed. but we're still struggling with completeing the
implementation of jcr 0.16.12 and 0.16.4 is already lurking around the
corner :( 

i have rewritten large areas of jackrabbit (or its former incarnation in
the slide project) multiple times over the course of the last 2 years,
trying to keep pace with the ever changing spec. getting jackrabbit and
the tck feature complete has IMO absolute priority. i'll start working
on improving javadoc once i got the more important items off my todo


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> From: Jukka Zitting [mailto:jz@yukatan.fi]
> Sent: 17 March 2005 13:43
> To: Jackrabbit
> Subject: Javadocs (Was: Re: Adivce about session) - Bayesian Filter 
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> Hi,
> Stefan Guggisberg wrote:
> > brave man ;) i know that there needs lots to be done in the javadoc 
> > department,
> BTW, every now and then when I've been strolling around the source 
> tree I've thought about leaving short Javadoc notes behind to clarify 
> some issues and to add missing documentation. I haven't done so mostly

> to avoid touching too many files and stepping on anyones toes.
> Would it make sense to open an unassigned Jira meta-issue for such 
> small Javadoc improvements? The issue could be an open mandate to make

> document-only commits to all parts of Jackrabbit. Non-committers could

> attach Javadoc patches to the issue for inclusion in Jackrabbit.
> Alternatively, if the Jira approach seems troublesome, we could 
> specify a commit keyword like "JCR-DOC" that could be used to label 
> such document commits.
> Comments?
> BR,
> Jukka Zitting
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