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From Dominique Pfister <dominique.pfis...@day.com>
Subject Re: Patch for ORM persistence project
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 15:28:31 GMT
Hi Serge,

> Well the problem is that it doesn't fail in the right place. I agree 
> that the test has to fail, but it should fail in the code that tests 
> references, while in the case of my implementation it was failing while 
> trying to retrieve the references from the database.

Is this still in sync with the stack trace you sent? In this stack 
trace, the error occurs inside the SharedItemStateManager when it finds 
a NodeReferences object pointing to a non-existing node. After having 
inspected its own private change log, it consults its cache and finally 
invokes PersistenceManager#exists(NodeReferences) which should return 
false. Does it fail inside this method?

> For some reason I don't understand, the 
> Hibernate/OJBPersistenceManager's store(NodeReferences) method never 
> gets called, and I think the problem lies in finding out why that is the 
> case.

Did you try with a very basic example that adds a new property of type 
REFERENCE that references another existing node and then saves the node?

Kind regards

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