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From Dominique Pfister <dominique.pfis...@day.com>
Subject Re: NodeReferences handling
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 20:34:12 GMT
Edgar Poce wrote:
> Is there any reason for handling NodeReferences in a different way that 
> NodeStates and PropertyStates?. 

NodeReferences simply contain a list of UUIDs that reference the 
corresponding Node. They are not cached in any layer of Jackrabbit. They 
are primarily used to determine when a node is no longer referenced by 
any REFERENCE property and can therefore safely be removed.

> It seems this is an issue for PMs other 
> than ObjectPM and XMLPM. It affects performance unnecessarily, 
> especially when dealing with a big amount of references.

I wouldn't call it an issue. In the case of ORM PM you found out 
yourself that the problematic part was caused by a referential integrity 
test that was supposed to fail.

But you're right that for nodes being highly referenced, additions or 
removals are rather expensive. We should probably introduce a 
"modification-aware" NodeReferences object that is able to tell what 
references have been added or removed.


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