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From Sandro Böhme <s.boe...@inovex.de>
Subject Re: Mapping Layer needed?
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 18:45:27 GMT
Hi David,

thank you for your quick response. Puh, it looks like I'am not 
completely wrong ;-).

Best regards,


David Nuescheler wrote:
> hi sandro,
> thanks for your post, i think it is a very interesting topic.
> as a matter of fact i discussed things like a hibernate or
> jdo layer on top of jcr with a couple of people, and if 
> i haven't completely misread your first post may be 
> a similar proposition.
> i personally (of course ;)) believe that a repository may offer
> a very good persistence layer for things like POJO's in 
> particular  with respect to features like inheritance, which 
> particularly for RDBMSes are unnatural to handle.
> thoughts??
> regards,
> david
> On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 18:18:16 +0100, Sandro Böhme <s.boehme@inovex.de> wrote:
>>Hello again,
>>as there is no feedback - do I miss something? Would'nt it be best
>>practice to map the business logic java bean classes to node types?
>>E.g. an OrderBean with the property orderItem would map to an
>>"Order"-NodeType with a ChildNodeDef "OrderItem". Assuming the
>>"OrderItem"-NodeType (or it's ChildNodeDef's) has all needed atomic
>>properties (PropertyDef's).
>>In my opinion, creating an initial node type hierarchy out of java beans
>>shouldn't be that hard as a first step. Of course, keeping the mapping
>>during remove or rename tasks for node types would be harder. I just
>>don't want to start working on it, if anybody of you already know that I
>>missed something and it makes no sense in this way.
>>Thank you in advance for your time.
>>Best regards,
>>Sandro Böhme wrote:
>>>in our project I would like to generate the JCR nodetype structure out
>>>of a java bean class structure. If I'am right I think it is needed quite
>>>often and I wonder if there is already such a library around. Does
>>>anybody know of such a library? If not, I would try to create a first
>>>version of it.
>>>Best regards,

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