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From Edgar Poce <edgarp...@gmail.com>
Subject sql extension
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 16:50:15 GMT

  I'd like to add some features to the search engine. But rather than
hacking the jackrabbit search engine I'm thinking of
making a library that run on top of the jcr api.

The sequence would be:
1. parse a query with extended language and functionality.
2. transform the extended query in a jcr compliant one
3. run the jcr query in the jcr implementation
4. run the necessary operations to return the extended query result.

Initially I'd like to add support for arithmetic and string expressions
in the select clause with a pluggable mechanism for adding functions.

I would also like to add a GROUP BY clause, and a HAVING clause.
Both supporting the extended expression language. But I'm not sure how
to extend the WHERE clause without a serious drawback on performance.

has it any sense?, WDYT?


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