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From Bertrand LEGA <bertrand.l...@capgemini.com>
Subject Questions about jcr:typenodes
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 12:53:18 GMT


I have questions about how /jcr:root/jcr:system/jcr:typnodes is supposed
to work.

If I'm not mistaking, the specification mentions that the exposure of
jcr:typnodes is left up to the implementation.
Furthermore, when a customized typenode is created, it
should be created under /jcr:root/jcr:system/jcr:typnodes.
And actually, this is done perfectly by CRX.

The point is the jcr:typnodes node doesn't exist when the repository is
created. It has to be created manually. Is it desired ?
Are there plans to create a internal node (like jcr:versionStorage) for
jcr:typenodes ?
And expose all the created type nodes under that node ?
In this case, what to do with the system type nodes like nt:base,
nt:folder ? Expose them under jcr:typenodes or not ?
    - On on hand, it might be expected to have them under jcr:typenodes
(as protected of course). It is quite elegant (after all AFAIK metadata
is treated as plain data by the jcr).
    - On the other hand, do we have the risk that it make an export of
jcr:typnodes not useable, because we will have to strip the definiton of
system type nodes before importing the file again. It doesn't make sense
to import nt:base for example, does it ?

Finally, when a node type is added, it has to be registered by
jackrabbit specific methods.
Once again, I'm wondering if this is a feature, or simply because
jackrabbit is under development.

If some of these points are not features and requires work to get them
right, I would be very interested in helping.

What do you think ?


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