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From Michael Wechner <michael.wech...@wyona.com>
Subject Re: Using Jackrabbit within a webapp cluster
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 00:10:40 GMT
David Nuescheler wrote:

>>Has anyone ever used Jackrabbit within a cluster (e.g. Tomcat)?
>>If so, what repo has been used?
>"repo"? do you mean persistence manager?

cqfs, orm or whatever, wheres I guess it won't be possible with cqfs anyway,
or at least I don't understand how this could work. Or am I totally 
wrong on this?

>with the current state of things, i would guess that the easiest
>way of using jackrabbit in a cluster is through jcr-rmi, and the
>persistence manager would be pretty much irrelevant in my 

ok. But what about performance issues? Wouldn't RMI be quite a bottleneck?
Please apologize if I might ask stupid questions.




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