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From Markus Joschko <markus.josc...@web.de>
Subject Usage question
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 21:42:17 GMT
Hi list,

I have to apologize beforehand because this is not a technical jackrabbit but 
a simple how-to-approch JSR-170 question. But I don't know of a better place 
to ask for your opinion.

Imagine the following use case:

I have a versionable website component that is stored as a node in the 

Additionaly there are two webpages, also represented as nodes, which 
references to the same website component.

         |--reference PROPERTY--> componentX

At some point in time componentX v1.0 is changed by the author. This reflects 
in a new version of componentX v1.1.
So far everything is fine, but now there are supervisors of SiteA and SiteB 
who need to first approve the update independantly on each other to have the 
new version displayed on their site.
That means, SiteA would approve and link to 1.1 of componentX while SiteB 
which has not yet approved would ideally still link to 1.0 of componentX.

After reading the spec I don't think that such a scenario is possible because 
a node can only have one valid version at a point in time but I wanted to ask 
if I have overseen a workaround or if I misunderstood the spec.

Otherwise I would have to duplicate the information somewhere (copying 
componentX as childnodes to the sites and make the sites versionable or 
creating a new node with name componentX_01 which is then the node which is 
referenced by the approved sites).

Would be nice to hear your comments on it.


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