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From Jukka Zitting ...@yukatan.fi>
Subject Refactoring XML handling in NodeTypeDefStore
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2005 16:52:45 GMT

[WARNING: Changes in custom_nodetypes.xml processing.]

In preparation for JCR-54 (Remove JDOM dependency) I just committed
(revision 157342) a code change that cleans up XML handling in

The changes have been approved by Stefan, and are highly localized. The
only major effects are increased strictness of nodetype XML validation
and changed wording and structure of exception and log messages related
to nodetype configuration errors.

Thus, if you have a custom nodetype definitions file
(repository/nodetypes/custom_nodetypes.xml), then you may want to check
it for any typos or other problems that would be caught by these
changes. Valid nodetype definition files should work as before. (I
actually found a few such mistakes in the custom_nodetypes.xml file of
the Jackrabbit test repository. I fixed those mistakes in revision
157341. ;-)

The full commit message is shown below.


Jukka Zitting


Refactored nodetype XML handling (preparing for JCR-54)

The load and store methods in NodeTypeDefStore are now implemented
using separate formatter classes in the new o.a.j.core.nodetype.xml
package. The changes are highly localized, pass all unit tests, and
have little externally visible effects.

The externally visible changes are:

   * Much more strict XML validation (missing or mistyped attributes
     now cause exceptions instead of backing up to default values)
   * Exception messages and root causes may be different
   * The ChildItemDef class is public

The changes have been approved by Stefan.

In addition to cleaning and documenting existing functionality, this
change also prepares for the work of removing the JDOM dependency as
discussed in JCR-54.

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