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From David Nuescheler <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: jcr authentication and authorization
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 10:17:23 GMT
hi suhail,

> My name is Suhail. I was on my way to implementing 170 before David set
> me straight and pointed me the jack rabbit ri, I read from David's
> earlier post that the team is working on A'nA. 
... by no means i wanted to "set you straight", just hint a direction ;)

> Authorization on the
> other hand is more involved. I would like to do two things at the
> moment.
> Build a JCRLoginModule to work against the default data store or
> specify a new one to store A'nA data. This would require the default
> store to be initialized with start up data for the initial set of
> Principals.
> At this point the login use case in the spec should work. Authorization
> on the other hand is a different kettle of fish. If one does go the
> Java permissions route, I suspect there will impact on the current code
> base. Then there is the question of where and how policy data should be
> stored. Naturally, I think policy should be accessed via the repository
> as well.
so do i. i think in the future "everything" should be stored in a repository.
all the data that is sitting in databases, filesystems, etc. becomes much 
more useful once it put into a content repository, benefitting from versioning,
searching, fine-grained (un)structured "meta information" and a lot 
of cool applications.

> Build a repository adapter for LDAP to store A'nA data. I propose LDAP
> because I  have experience with it. To this end I would like to
> translate publicly available LDAP schemas to nodedefs. I have a few
> days experience with JavaCC, if someone on this list can help me with
> questions on using it to parse LDAP ldifs, I could have the whole bunch
> translated in a jiffy.
is there a reason why you want to go through ldif instead of directly 
going to the ldap server?

i think an ldap-content-importer for jackrabbit would be great, 
basically you could point an import script using something 
like http://docs.sun.com/source/816-5618-10/ (or jndi) directly 
at an ldap server.
then, first all the nodetypes get generated (if necessary) 
and then all the information is sucked out of the ldap server and
stored into the content repository.

personally, i think one could take this even further and i think that a 
content repository based ldap-server would be pretty much the best 
thing since sliced bread (finally, people  would get their 
"user profiles" etc. versioned). so having an ldap server and 
jndi layering on top of jcr would be great too.

> As a start I have tried to define a Node to offer basic support for
> authentication:
> Namespace :
> xmlns:ext="http://www.example.com/jcr/1.0" //extension namespace
> xmlns:ana="http://www.example.com/jcr/acess/1.0" // authentication and
> authorization namespace
> <nodeType name="ext:simplePerson" isMixin="false"
> hasOrderableChildNodes="false" primaryItemName="">
>         <supertypes>
>             <supertype>nt:base</supertype>
>         </supertypes>
>         <propertyDef name="jcr:created" requiredType="Date"
> autoCreate="true" mandatory="true" onParentVersion="COPY"
> protected="true" multiple="false"/>
>         <propertyDef name="ana:cn" requiredType="String"
> autoCreate="false" mandatory="true" onParentVersion="COPY"
> protected="true" multiple="false"/>
>         <propertyDef name="ana:sn" requiredType="String"
> autoCreate="false" mandatory="true" onParentVersion="COPY"
> protected="true" multiple="false"/>
>         <propertyDef name="ana:givenName" requiredType="String"
> autoCreate="false" mandatory="false" onParentVersion="COPY"
> protected="true" multiple="false"/>
>         <propertyDef name="ana:initials" requiredType="String"
> autoCreate="false" mandatory="false" onParentVersion="COPY"
> protected="true" multiple="false"/>
>         <propertyDef name="ana:uid" requiredType="String"
> autoCreate="false" mandatory="true" onParentVersion="COPY"
> protected="true" multiple="false"/>
>         <propertyDef name="ana:userPassword" requiredType="Binary"
> autoCreate="false" mandatory="true" onParentVersion="COPY"
> protected="true" multiple="false"/>
>     </nodeType>
> I lifted the properties from LDAP inetOrgPerson. I am not sure if I got
> the onParentVersion correct.
looks, ok to me...

> The type should also be guarded by a
> access control mixin I suppose.
i would assume.

> How do I configure the repository so
> that it knows the type above? 
generally, jsr-170 excludes registration of new nodetypes from the
specification in v1.0. with respect to jackrabbit you should be able to 
put them into the custom_nodetypes.xml (or register them through 
the api) which i would assume is where you got the above snippet from.
[ for everybody who is looking for a more convenient way to 
model nodetypes for now:
http://jsr170tools.day.com/crx/nodetypes/index.jsp , can also
be downloaded and used locally, the gui is not perfectly stable 
yet, though ]

since i also think that jackrabbit should provide an internal 
mechanism to authenticate (and authorize) i think that for 
example a similar nodetype to the above nodetype should go 
into the "built-in nodetypes", since in my mind it should
be part of the core-repository.

when nt-modelling something that is core to the repository
i would probably also lose the ldap-centric naming 
convention like cn, sn, ... and name the properties according 
to how we decide to call them in a content-repository domain.
obviously, the mapping between ldap-attributes and the 
content properties plays an important role, in many of the 
above cases.

> Any ideas on how A'nA data is to be
> stored? 
> Is it best to store it in a different repository or in a
> separate workspace? 
good question. personally, i could see the authentication
information in a separate workspace, a different repository
is something that could be simulated if someone implements
a jcr-based persistence manager. (anybody?)

> Is it possible to configure jack rabbit with
> multiple repositories?
personally, i think that one instance of jackrabbit should be 
equivalent to one repository. but that's just my gut feeling

thanks & regards,
standardize your content-repository !
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