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From Charles Severance <c...@umich.edu>
Subject Re: Introduction followed by Dumb, Obvious Developer Question
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2005 18:21:12 GMT
On 2/7/05 12:31 PM, "Stefano Mazzocchi" <stefano@apache.org> wrote:

> Charles, pleased to meet you. Happy to see the Sakai project thinking
> about adopting the JCR API.
> I wear three hats here, one is my apache hat, one is my JSR-170 expert
> group member hat (very similar hats at the end of the day) and one is my
> MIT hat.

Perhaps we could send you a Sakai hat in case your head gets cold.  Are you
in Boston?
> At MIT I'm part of the Digital Library Research Group and I've been
> pushing JSR170 with the OKI people (David also gave them a talk last
> year, when we held one of the JSR170 face2face meetings here in
> Cambridge) and I also push it for DSpace 2, even if with moderate
> traction so far, I must say. Having Sakai chosing JackRabbit will give
> me a very strong push for JCR into DSpace2, which might also be a useful
> thing in the global scheme of educational technologies in general.

This is good to know.
> So, count on me for help as I'm really interested in having Sakai use
> JackRabbit.

Excellent.  I have been a closet fan of 170 from the time I heard about it
well back in the CHEF project. It has always seemed tantalizingly out of
reach (kind of like JSR-168  *still* is :) ).  Jackrabbit and an active
community around jackrabbit makes it seem much closer...

> As for your problem, have you checked your classpath for weird
> xml-api.jar files? what JVM/OS are you running?

Yes - I am pretty sure that it was an Evil version of Xerxces that got in
front of the good version in the class loader - solved by deleting all and
restarting from the beginning - what else?


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