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From Bertrand LEGA <bertrand.l...@capgemini.com>
Subject Do you think JackRabbit can be used in production environment ?
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 14:11:38 GMT

Hello ,

I'm responsible for the architecture of a content management web site.
This web site is very specific to my client.

Bits of information :
   - template to preview/publish content
   - deployment in EMEA countries : localization
   - 80 000 users, 400 concurrent users
   - 20 Gigs of data
   - complex content : quizz, surveys, interactive trainings
   - Struts based presentation layer.

I'm very interested in JSR 170 work and in its opensource implementation 
We need a content management system framework : we don't need a 
presentation layer (like Magnolia) because the client wants it to meet 
his specific needs and chiefly wants it to be done with Struts !
(By the way, if you know any contender to Magnolia done with Struts, I 
take it!)

Useless to say that the timeline is crazy and we must get the 
application right the first time.

I'm wondering whether JackRabbit is mature enough to use it in a 
production environment. The feature scope of jackSraaibt is really 
My concerns are more about stability, availability and performance

By the way, the orm-persistence contribution does look surprising.
Do you hav any experience using it with Oracle 9i ?

Finally, I just to point that I'm really impressed by the work done with 

Keep up the good work,
Bertrand Lega.

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