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From Edgar Poce <edgarp...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: jcr-taglib (used to be portlets, etc.)
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 01:29:36 GMT
Hi david

David Nuescheler wrote:
> hi edgar,
>>I'm working on a set of tags that reads and displays jcr 
>>data. You can plug your custom traverse strategy and 
>>template engine, so I guess it fits your needs as long 
>>as you use jsp instead of xml/xsl for rendering your 
> cool, very interesting. i thought about 
> something similar too.
> when i looked at your the set of tags i saw
> a lot of similarities.
> one thing that i thought of, was to introduce 
> something like a "current working directory" that
> allows simple navigation in nodes.
> something like:
> <jcr:cd path="/level1/mytest">
>   <jcr:out path="../bla/mynode" />
>   <jcr:out path="/app:myprop" />
> </jcr:cd>
I like the idea and I'll add it ASAP. But I would rename the attribute
"path" to "node" or "item" because an EL expression might be used
instead of the path. eg. "${myNode}" instead of "/pathToMyNode/MyNode".

> i think this could also provide for more modular
> jsp includes... 
> what do you think?
Yes, it could. But I guess that won't be the most common use case. With
jsp includes the jsp pages would lose control of the current working
directory. I think the JCR tags should store data by default only in the
page context in order to keep control of the surrounding session and
current working directory. If anyone wants to store an Item in the
request, session or servletcontext it can be done through the core jstl.

> i initially thought of hooking-up the template 
> engine concept slightly differently. 
what's your idea?

> overall it seems very interesting and i think it 
> could be valuable for the entire jcr community 
> to have well-known tag libraries.
You are free to add it to jackrabbit. I'd be happy to help.

> regards,
> david

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