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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit and MPEG-21
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 22:19:37 GMT
David Dabbs wrote:
>>David Dabbs wrote:
>>>(C) The funny thing with things DSpace is that whatever one contributes
>>>becomes HP copyright.  Quite a problem in the community, I think.
>>>here is what is included in the software:
>>>  *
>>>  * Copyright (c) 2002, Hewlett-Packard Company and Massachusetts
>>>  * Institute of Technology.  All rights reserved.
>>FYI, the dspace group is going thru the process of creating a software
>>foundation to solve exactly the above problem... too bad that these
>>things take forever and a half when big institutions like HP and MIT are
>>Also, I have to say, this guys shows very little awareness of copyright
>>law, which does not really make me feel warm and fuzzy when they state
>>they know the IP status of their spec.
> Until MPEG-LA issues a patent call and IP holders state their interests
> nothing is known for sure. Just because the ISO might take some action
> doesn't mean that ContentGuard (Microsoft-backed) or others would
> necessarily agree that there isn't IP to protect.

All I'm saying is that ISO/MPEG working groups are *notorious* for their 
IP lockin practices (look at MP3) and MPEG-21 doesn't look any better 
from that perspective... and not because of the single individuals 
participating in the work group (which intention of wide-spread use is 
not only clear, but blatantly obvious!) but for the huge economical 
interests behind it (that show up *after* the thing is in place, when 
the money starts to flow, rarely before, unless they officially request 
a statement about it.. and they won't until they are done designing it).

>>If they think that soliciting ISO to make the spec available for free is
>>all we have to be concerned about, they have a long way to go to
>>understand how Apache incubation works.
> LANL is also a large institution and while they may openly collaborate with
> other institutions it doesn't mean they operate the same way or have the
> same concerns (as Apache.org).

<half-kidding>Do you think somebody would sue the biggest producers of 
atomic bombs on the planet? ;-)</half-kidding>

> Until the issue(s) are clearer it is probably best to stay aware of what's
> going on in that community but stay away from it WRT the JSR codebase.

I agree.


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