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From "antonio.lopez@ptbsl.com" <antonio.lo...@ptbsl.com>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit with RDF facilities
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 16:58:08 GMT
Charles Severance wrote:

>I tried to resist adding to this RDF thread but could not :)
Glad you didn't

>A very small group in Sakai has been thinking about RDF and a Repository for
>a long time (gives us a headache at times).
>I won't go on at boring length here, but my high level view is that there is
>a basic role for RDF as "part of" JCR, but also a more interesting role of
>RDF as a "peer to" and "compliment to" JCR. There are things which RDF can
>naturally represent which are not natural fits for JCR.
For sure, JCR repository is a conected digraph with special  vertex  
(the root), RDF simply is a digraph (a directed graph)
which is a more general concept.

>In one sentence, if JCR may be the flexible "file system" of the future, RDF
>may be the flexible "relational database" of the future.  But both
>statements remain to be proven in real applications at real performance
>levels.  And it seems premature to even imagine that a standard could really
>nail the requirements in the area at this point.
Well although we think RDF would be very profitable and powerfull 
feature we also think it's better to release
the first stable jsr-170 while using Jackrabbit as testbed. RDF is often 
misused and there is not very much
well undertanding about it, so it could be a burden to general acceptance.

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