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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Introduction followed by Dumb, Obvious Developer Question
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2005 17:31:34 GMT
Charles Severance wrote:
> <blah-blah>
> Hello to the JackRabbit community.  My name is Charles Severance, the Chief
> Architect of the Sakai project - www.sakaiproject.org -
> collab.sakaiproject.org has a sample system up and running.
> I am kicking the tires on Jackrabbit for possible adoption as the core of
> our storage within Sakai (An open source collaboration and learning
> management system).  If we were to jump in here with Jackrabbit, we would
> probably write/improve/contribute an open source high performance
> implementation to scale to 100000 users at a single site (yikes).   We are
> already well underway to building a fast, scalable, hierarchical
> authorizaion system using Hibernate.
> I have 2-3 developers to dedicate to this effort for the next six months if
> we adopt Jackrabbit because our alternative is to write this ourselves from
> scratch with our own API.
> </blah-blah>

Charles, pleased to meet you. Happy to see the Sakai project thinking 
about adopting the JCR API.

I wear three hats here, one is my apache hat, one is my JSR-170 expert 
group member hat (very similar hats at the end of the day) and one is my 
MIT hat.

At MIT I'm part of the Digital Library Research Group and I've been 
pushing JSR170 with the OKI people (David also gave them a talk last 
year, when we held one of the JSR170 face2face meetings here in 
Cambridge) and I also push it for DSpace 2, even if with moderate 
traction so far, I must say. Having Sakai chosing JackRabbit will give 
me a very strong push for JCR into DSpace2, which might also be a useful 
thing in the global scheme of educational technologies in general.

So, count on me for help as I'm really interested in having Sakai use 

As for your problem, have you checked your classpath for weird 
xml-api.jar files? what JVM/OS are you running?


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