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From Francis Exocet <exoce...@yahoo.fr>
Subject Re: How to call RepositoryImpl.shutdown() when using RegistryHelper
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 15:21:23 GMT
> so you are saying, that each time you access the
> jsp, a new repository
> is created and started? this might not be the best
> way how to use a
> repository in a j2ee environment :-)
> i suggest, you create/register the repository in a
> servlet that is
> loaded on startup, and from within the jsp, you just
> lookup the
> repository using jndi.
I use JNDI as it is described in the firts steps.

That's what i want to do :
- import.jsp : (HTTP) post XML documents in the repo
- navig.jsp : navigate in the repo
- query.jsp : search nodes with XPath or SQL.

Assume that the repo has not been created yet.

1) I call navig.jsp : the repo is automatically
filled, so indexing happens and the write.lock file is
created. At this time, the search index has not been
created succefully (because of multiple sessions
indexer i think). There are just 3 files in the index
directory : segments (1Ko), ns_mappings.properties
(1Ko) and the lock file.

2) I call import.jsp : the document is added in the
repo, but indexing fails.

3) I call query.jsp : searches always returns an empty
result because there is no index.

I hope this will help you understand my problem.



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