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From Jukka Zitting ...@yukatan.fi>
Subject Re: JCRTest.java NullPointerException
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 23:54:44 GMT
Hi Manoj,

Manoj Prasad wrote: 
> This run time error results during the call to
> RegistryHelper.registerRepository.
> The actual point of failure is in the first line of
> VersioningConfig because the passed variable is NULL.

The Versioning element is probably missing from your repository
configuration file. The element can (AFAIK) be something like the
following (o.a.j.c is org.apache.jackrabbit.core):

<Versioning rootPath="${rep.home}/versions">
  <FileSystem class="o.a.j.c.fs.local.LocalFileSystem">
    <param name="path" value="${rep.home}/versions"/>
  <PersistenceManager class="o.a.j.c.state.xml.XMLPersistenceManager"/>

See applications/test/repository.xml for inline documentation about the
configuration file format. The Versioning element is a recent addition,
and has not yet been updated to the "First Steps" or other documents.

Best regards,

Jukka Zitting

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