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From "artifex" <arti...@kiberry.ru>
Subject lost nodes after delete()?
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 05:30:53 GMT

After creating huge amount nodes in repository, calling checkIn/CheckOut for 
some nodes and then removing content, it was found out, that remains 
garbage(?) in file system.
I do approximately such sequence of actions:

1. after creating repository &  certain base content
40 files / 49 folders in repository
2. creating  a quantity of nodes
567 files / 457 folders in repository
3. CheckIn/CheckOut for some nodes + label additions
779 files / 614  folders in repository
4. Moving nodes
771 files/605 folders in repository
5. Removing all content (except nodes from  point #1 )
212 files/191 folder in repository

212 not equal 40!  For example, In \version\blobs\xx\xx\...  folder  I can 
see files on which contents it is possible to define, that they should be 
removed earlier.

Really a problem or I something incorrectly do it?

(Sorry for my english)


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