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From "Jim Myers" <jimmy...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit with RDF facilities
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2005 23:11:42 GMT

> Also, if the RDF import/export/search are wrappers around existing JCR 
> stores, you don't even have interoperability problems, they would work 
> just like the RMI proxy thing.

This is basically what we've started doing on Slide - mapping webDAV 
properties to/from RDF. Having real multivalued properties in JCR will be a 
big help, but we've seen enough use of XML structure inside properties (e.g. 
to represent one level of reification) to believe that our wrapper will have 
to keep a registry of intended xml-to-rdf mappings for individual properties 
to go beyond simple cases (which parallels our use of registered mappings 
from files to xml using a precursor of the Data Format Description 
Language). JCR might map the XML structure we see being used in a single 
webDAV prop to multiple nodes and props, but the issue is the same (as 
Stephanop's example showed)

Nothing can convince you of the value of RDF quite as much as trying to 
interpret what different people mean when using very similar XML... :-)


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