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From Oliver Kiessler <oliver.kiess...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: versioning
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 21:27:44 GMT
On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 11:02:37 +0100, Torsten Curdt <tcurdt@apache.org> wrote:
> >>>@Torsten: I am currently working on a "general purpose" api for
> >>>dealing with jackrabbit using spring and xstream. let me know if you
> >>>are interessted and I'll send you the source.
> >>
> >>i am generally interested in that. i think generally a general purpose
> >>content repository could prove very valuable for application development
> >>frameworks and mvc in particular.
>  >
> > sure. I put it on my webserver, so anyone who is interessted can
> > download it. but it is *very, very early stuff* and may not even work
> > correctly...
> > http://www.karma-mvc.org/alleverything-jcr-20050108.zip
> thanks! ...definitly helpful.
> already downloaded it and will
> have a look ASAP.
> > It is an API for adding any JavaBean object to the content repository
> > and a service layer on top of jackrabbit and jcr to hide the jcr api
> > details.
> > Features:
> > - Repository initialization (creates repository structure for domains,
> > users, groups, roles and objects)
> > - Create user in domain
> > - User domain authentification
> > - Adding of JavaBean objects (plus versioning) / XML serialization and
> > JavaBean Reflection supported
> > - Getting JavaBean objects from repository
> ...sounds more or less what I am after.
> > Missing features:
> > - Caching, Updating objects (checkin), Node security (user and group
> > rights and that sort), full JavaBean reflection support (collections
> > for instance), Search...
> >
> > Any feedback is very welcome! Let me know if I am heading in the wrong
> > direction... ;)
> will give you feedback as soon as I
> was able to spend some time playing
> with it...

I have noticed that quite a few people have downloaded my sources, so
I have put up a new, more stable version of it on my webserver for
download. It runs fine on linux but I have not yet tested it on other
platforms. It also compiles under JDK 1.4.2 and JDK 5 now.


It is a "general purpose API" for the JCR. You can store any JavaBean
object into the JCR (with some known limitations). With the new
version you can add, get,set and delete JavaBean objects (with node
rights and user support). Versioning is also implemented. Search,
Caching and full JavaBean reflection support is still missing or

Again, feedback is very welcome.

regards, oliver

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