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From jocsch <joc...@freaquac.de>
Subject Node.orderBefore(String,String)
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 21:16:36 GMT
Me again with a jsr 170 question.

Why does orderBefore take two String arguments.
Until I miss something this can/will only work if you have the full node name 

Getting the full node name is not straight foreward because getName() only 
returns the name without position. It is necessary to retrieve the path and 
grep the substring with the name+position. 

Three issues came up doing so:

1) There is room for improvement in the spec. Why isn't there a method which 
accepts UUIDs or Nodes or whatever?

2) It's better to not have same name siblings (so the name is sufficient to 
distinguish them).

3) There is another possibility to solve this, I haven't recognized.

Any comments?


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