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From David Nuescheler <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: the 1mn test: first jackrabbit performance and scalability tests
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 09:22:04 GMT
> >> I ran the code you posted on my local box and the results
> >> are mostly comparable. However, I got a big performance
> >> boost when using the LocalFileSystem on a Reiser4
> >> filesystem (Linux 2.6.8): between 4 and 5 times faster
> >> then ext3!
> > cool. very interesting.
> I performed the load test comparing the
> ObjectPersistenceManager+CQFileSystem vs.
> ObjectPersistenceManager+LocalFileSystem on Reiser4. The surprising
> result is that they go at about the same speed! LFS on Reiser4 starts
> at about 5s/1000n and grows slowly from that. After about 50k nodes,
> the speed is around 9s. CQFS is comparable. I suspect the slowdown is
> due to the memory consumption of the JVM growing rather than to the
> number of files on disk.
> Now, I find this very interesting, since I'd rather use a /real/
> filesystem than something like CQFileSystem, which puts everything
> inside one big file: I suspect this to be unmanageable when the size of
> your repository becomes quite large. Please correct me if I have the
> wrong impression.
well, the thing is that the cqfs is a pure java filesystem which is built
pretty much exactly the same way as your other unix-filesystems
(inodes, blocks, indirect blocks, ...), so the scalability patterns are
very similar to your average unix fs, but cqfs can work with a much 
smaller blocksize than 512 bytes.
now, while i agree it would be the best solution to have a kernel 
supported fast native fs, unfortunately this is not always 
possible (eg. windows). so let the cqfs be the "poor mans", platform 
independent "reiser substitute" ;)

> I also suspect that it would be hard to beat these times with a JDBC
> persistence manager.
i most certainly agree these performance metrics will be hard to
beat for anything that is connected through a network layer to the 
repository, since i believe that already the tcp overhead is beyond
the benchmark times that we are looking at now.

> Finally, maybe the LocalFileSystem class can be optimized further, what
> do you think?
most certainly, i believe that there is still a lot of
space for performance improvement. 

a) repositories in most applications that i can think of
are used in a mostly "reading" environment. so while
this 1mn benchmark is interesting it does not reflect 
true common usage patterns in a repository.

b) there are still a couple of functional blocks that
are unfinished and we are still manipulating the core
quite a bit so i am not sure whether it is the time to
do performance tuning already, especially since i
think we are in a somewhat acceptable range already.

c) a fast persistence manager takes up only a
small pecentage (less than 20%) of the overall
consumed time. the rest is spent in other
parts of jackrabbit so we might also want to
look at performance optimizations in other


standardize your content-repository !
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