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From Oliver Zeigermann <oliver.zeigerm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Adding WebDAV to Jackrabbit
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 10:26:27 GMT
> > What is XASession.getXAResource() intended for? When
> > talking about transactions I was wondering why there is
> > a new interface for transaction while JTA defines one. 
> is there?? it clearly was out intention to just use JTA. if we
> didn't it must have been clearly by accident. ;)
> well, the getXAResource() returns a javax.transaction.xa.XAResource
> is to enlist the resource in a xa transaction with the transaction
> monitor, which is something that has been successfully tested
> through implementing a resource adapter with the transaction
> managers of all the major j2ee appservers even for container
> managed transactions. i think i do not your question.

Thanks, I now think understand the XASession.getXAResource() thing, it
is for usage with the app server transaction manager, right?

Concerning non-JTA interfaces there is this inferface looking weired 

> > Additionally, I do not quite understand if this transction is
> > what the user should use (why prepare then?) or if it is
> > something used by the TM (still why prepare then?).
> > Are these distributed transactions? If so which are the
> > parts of the distributed transactions? What is
> > TransactionalStore for? What is PlaybackListener for?
> well, of course the user should interact with the transactional
> aspects of the repository through UserTransaction if anything,
> since the interactions with transactions can also be left up
> to the container... but since i am way out of my league
> here, maybe dominique, who i think did an excellent job
> at implementing the tx for jackrabbit, can answer your
> questions in a much conciser fashion than i ever could ;)

If a UserTransaction should be used does Jackrabbit require a full
J2EE implementation then?

Would be great if Dominique could explain bit more! Is he a commiter as well?

All this information would be important for me to interface the WebDAV
API to Jackrabbit and maybe even have a more generic implementation
against the JCR. I guess this will be good for the Jackrabbit, right?
Or do you people plan a WebDAV implementation of your own?


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