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From Stefan Guggisberg <stefan.guggisb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Multirow update/insert/delete issue
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2004 17:36:59 GMT
a few comments/clarifcations inline...

On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 17:41:46 +0100, Wolfgang Gehner
<wgehner@infonoia.com> wrote:
> As discussed with David offline, when 1000 nodes are inserted, in the current implementation
the PersistenceMgr.store() method
> is called a 1000 times. So the XMLPersistenceMgr takes 30 seconds to do those 1000 write

not quite correct: i said that the XML/ObjectPersistenceManager in
combination on a CQFileSystem takes ca. 5 sec. for adding and saving
1000 nodes (that's
2000 write operations, 1000 nodes + 1000 properties).

> A JDBC implementation of the current PersistenceMgr API is "condemned" to do the same
thing. We'd really look to a way to bundle those 1000 writes into one "transaction", so we
can take 2-3 seconds on a relational database rather than 30.

again, a jdbc implementation is *not* condemned to take 30 sec.! 
i hacked a quick&dirty implementation of a jdbc persistence manager (with a very
*primitive* schema) that took less than 5 sec. for adding and saving 1000 nodes.

> So we'd like to throw into the discussion the following thoughts:
> - how about maintaining an instance of of PersistenceMgr (pm) not on (Persistent)NodeState
but on NodeImpl
> - the implementation of node.save() to collect info what nodes incl. children to save
and call a persistenceMgr.store(
> nodesToUpdate, nodesToInsert, nodesToDelete) just once. That way the pm could bundle
operations in line with the
> repository requirements.
> This would make Jackrabbit's persistence model follow the DAO (data access object) pattern
as we understand it.
> Would be pleased to elaborate and discuss. And share our JDBC PersistenceMgr prototype
with anyone interested (it passes the current api unit test, but has a very non-optimized
ER design and is inflicted with the issue discussed in this message).
> Best regards,
> Infonoia S.A.
> rue de Berne 7
> 1201 Geneva
> Tel: +41 22 9000 009
> Fax: +41 22 9000 018
> wgehner@infonoia.com
> http://www.infonoia.com

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