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From Boris Kraft <boris.kr...@obinary.com>
Subject Jackrabbit powers Magnolia
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 16:58:08 GMT
I am very happy to see Jackrabbit pick up steam, as you can all 
imagine. Congratulations to another great open-source project! For 
those that have joined the project recently, a short introduction: the 
Magnolia team has been using JCR, now Jackrabbit, since very early on 
to power our open-source CMS. We are of course very happy with the work 
done so far by the Jackrabbit community in general and Stefan in 
particular. It is very stable and very usable and has been since we 
started developing 18 months ago. It certainly is a great basis for us 
to build upon, and thats what this mail is all about - while we have 
not been able to contribute much directly to Jackrabbit, I hope you 
will agree that todays release of Magnolia 2.0 is a significant 
contribution to the open-source community in itself, and I sincerely 
hope you like what you see - we certainly do.

So enjoy what the cross pollination of open source projects is capable 
of producing, and why we all do this - to build software that rocks.

To check out Magnolia 2.0 please visit http://www.magnolia.info

And of course, if you happen to have no prior appointments tonight: we 
certainly would be glad to meet you at the release party! 

Boris Kraft
Magnolia Content Management


Magnolia is the first open-source content-management-system (CMS) which 
has been built from scratch to support JSR-170, the upcoming standard 
API for java content repositories (JCR).

Its main goal is ease of use for all parties involved in running a CMS.

Magnolia is distributed as a double-clickable binary installer. It 
includes everything you need to get you started with a standalone 
installation in less than 10 minutes. Magnolia runs on all common 
operating-systems (JDK 1.4.1 or later required). No additional software 
or databases are needed.

Magnolia Content Management features a very flexible structure, 
platform-independence through the use of Java and XML, a simple to use 
API, easy templating through the use of JSP, JSTL and a custom tag 
library, automatic administrative UI generation, transparent and 
uniform data access to multiple data repositories, easy configuration 
through XML, easy application integration and easy deployment with 
professional staging on any J2EE Server.

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