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From Cédric Damioli <cedric.dami...@anyware-tech.com>
Subject Re: role of cqfs-3.5.6.jar and cqfs-jackrabbit-3.5.6.jar?
Date Sun, 28 Nov 2004 13:27:17 GMT
David Nuescheler wrote:

>>Just out of curiosity, why does Jackrabbit depend on
>>cqfs-3.5.6.jar  cqfs-jackrabbit-3.5.6.jar
>the cqfs is a pure java unix-style-filesystem which 
>stores all its files in a single "os-level" file.
>in certain applications (like a content
>repository) it is much faster to use cqfs rather
>than your generic (especially windows) fs.
>actually,  jackrabbit does not depend on it,
>it can be referenced through configuration, in
>repository.xml & workspace.xml.
>it is used solely for "cheap & simple" 
>performance improvement.
Under which license are these two CQFS jars released ?
Are the sources available somewhere ?
May I use them in a production environment ?


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