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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: the 1mn test: first jackrabbit performance and scalability tests
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 00:59:36 GMT
Ugo Cei wrote:
> Il giorno 11/nov/04, alle 17:27, David Nuescheler ha scritto:
>>> I ran the code you posted on my local box and the results
>>> are mostly comparable. However, I got a big performance
>>> boost when using the LocalFileSystem on a Reiser4
>>> filesystem (Linux 2.6.8): between 4 and 5 times faster
>>> then ext3!
>> cool. very interesting.
> I performed the load test comparing the 
> ObjectPersistenceManager+CQFileSystem vs. 
> ObjectPersistenceManager+LocalFileSystem on Reiser4. The surprising 
> result is that they go at about the same speed! LFS on Reiser4 starts at 
> about 5s/1000n and grows slowly from that. After about 50k nodes, the 
> speed is around 9s. CQFS is comparable. I suspect the slowdown is due to 
> the memory consumption of the JVM growing rather than to the number of 
> files on disk.
> Now, I find this very interesting, since I'd rather use a /real/ 
> filesystem than something like CQFileSystem, which puts everything 
> inside one big file: I suspect this to be unmanageable when the size of 
> your repository becomes quite large. Please correct me if I have the 
> wrong impression.
> I also suspect that it would be hard to beat these times with a JDBC 
> persistence manager.
> Finally, maybe the LocalFileSystem class can be optimized further, what 
> do you think?

I think it's about time I port linotype on JackRabbit :-)


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