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From Rickard Öberg <rick...@dreambean.com>
Subject Jacking into the rabbit
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 09:09:52 GMT

I am interested in jacking in our own repository as a backend in JR. If 
I understand the arch. docs correctly this should be possible. I 
couldn't find any pointers on where to start, so if anyone have a list 
of "things you need to implement" it would be most appreciated.

My current guess is that this involves the package 
org.apache.jackrabbit.core.virtual as a template, but I'm not sure.

Currently I don't need any of the fancy stuff 
(locking/versioning/tx/security), just the basic model read/write.

Anyway, any pointers would be appreciated.


ps. Yes, I know I'm an early adopter and that there will be pain, lots 
of pain. That's ok.

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