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From David Nuescheler <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Adding WebDAV to Jackrabbit
Date Sun, 31 Oct 2004 22:48:50 GMT
hi oliver,

thanks for your questions, let me just quickly comment:
> I had a look at the API and was wondering if there is anything
> concerning user and an advanced access rights management.
in jsr-170 all the administrational functions in a repository are
outside the scope of the spec (meaning that it is up to the
repository implementation to do that). 

> How would authentication work? 
the jsr-170 spec leaves it open how the authentication 
works however specifically mentions jaas. which probably
means since jackrabbit should also serve as an ri that we 
probably would at least implement jaas both for 
authentication and authorization. 
> How do you grant access rights?
as mentioned above the spec doesn't say anything about
that based on a concious decision to exclude it, since
repositories employ many different models of authorize. 

in jackrabbit i think we could start with a very straight 
forward acl based authorization model and in my mind 
user / group information should also be reflected in 
the repository. during the specification we thought
of a mixin nodetype called "accessControllable" which
would lead us to a very simple yet powerful 
implementation to get started.

> Is there anything like explicite locking of resources?
yes. in jsr-170 they are called nodes though ;)

> Can I make use of the transaction manager? Why haven 
> the JTA interfaces not been used?
yes, you can (should) use a transaction manager.
hmmm... are you looking beyond the XASession.getXAResource() ?

standardize your content-repository !
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