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From David Nuescheler <david.nuesche...@gmail.com>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Public NodeType Library (pntl)
Date Sat, 30 Oct 2004 14:41:31 GMT
hi guys,

since jsr-170 does not mandate a particular set of 
nodetypes, beyond what is used internally to the
repository, i would like to propose to create a public
place where people can share the nodetype that 
they use in their content repository applications.

i think this could also allow applications to interact
in a smarter and more direct way, that go beyond the
basic "content repository plumbing" provided by 

therefore i would like to propose a structure that
allows everybody to first publish their nodetypes
easily, and then this might give the community
the possibility to maybe agree on some 
"well-known" or "endorsed" nodetypes for 
particular interest groups.

[ similar to ldaps objectclasses
http://www-eleves.int-evry.fr/~deckmyn/docs/LDAP-ObjectClasses.html ]

i think we might have a first starting point, with
respect to things like content management, 
where we could be able to agree between
a couple of groups that are active on this list
to come to a certain consensus on content

initially, i could see four levels of nodetypes:

(1) private:
the nodetype definition is proprietary and
not part publically published in the nodetype

(2) published:
the nodetype definition is published by but
not agreed upon as being well-known, since
there is not consensus that the content
model is general enough to interest 
multiple groups of application developers.
everybody might be able to publish nodetype

(3) well-known:
a group of independant developers has agreed
upon a fundamental content model. i would
assume that "well-known" nodetypes should
make a good starting point for specializing
nodetypes for a particular application.

(4) spec / mandatory:
the mandatory nodetypes are specified by the
jsr-170 and can be used by any jsr-170 application.

any comments?

to give an example of what direction i am thinking in:

pntl:image extends nt:mimeResource
 pntl:height        long
 pntl:width         long

 pntl:author        string, reference?, multiple?
 pntl:title         string
 pntl:description   string
 pntl:image         nt:image

 pntl:userId        string
 pntl:password      string
 pntl:fullname      string
 pntl:email         string

standardize your content-repository !
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